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Smooking Free
smoking free

We usually dont allow smoking in our Resort. We aimed to gain sajek valley's best eco friendly resort award and "SMOKING FREE" Resort. Smoking tobacco, pipes, vapes, e-cigarettes, is only allowed in designated areas on property.

Queen beds

All rooms consisted of two queen beds to accommodate at least four Adult people. Every bed is made of bamboo and wood to ensure eco-friendly tourism and hospitality. which is also gives you tribes living style experience.

BBQ Zone
BBQ Zone

Our resort rooftop have an area to arrange BBQ to prepare a delicious grilled dinner. This could be a location to spend a few hours in the company of your family or your friends; which immersed in the colors and scents of the rafting cloud of Sajek valley.

Bamboo Dance

If you wish to enjoy Sajek Valley's famous traditional dance we could arrange it for you. we have a group of Lusai people who will perform the bamboo dance including a cultural program for 2 hours. This service will cost additional charge.

Deep Forest Hiking

we offer Hiking trips and we also provide experienced guides with multilingual skills to ensure the best hiking trip. Sajek Valley has few waterfalls including an abundance of views. This hiking service will charge an additional cost.

Bike rental

This is an on-demand service. if you wish to get the experience of biking on mountains roads of Sajek Valley you have to contact us and book in advance. This service is only allowed for our Nil Pahari Resort Guests.

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Nil Pahari Eco Resort Sajek Valley, Rangamati, and Surrounding Areas

Sajek Valley is a fascinating and culturally rich village in Bangladesh’s Rangamati District. It’s known for being home to scenic cloud views, hill views, and excellent hospitality from Local Lusai Tribe! Sajek Valley is one of the most remote area in rangmati.

Nil Pahari Eco Resort Sajek provide accomodation, home stay, summer camp and pet friendly services for torists from all over the country! We are committed to providing the best hospitality when people visit sajek valley and stay in sajek best resort Nil pahari. You can find additional information about our Resort services on our website. Nil pahari Eco resort also provides amazing deals for first-time customers, so confirm your booking today to get the best room of sajek Valley!

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